Airport parking

Posted: Sunday, February 24, 2002

I am an owner of Juneau and Metro Taxi. I am writing in regard to the taxis in the short-term parking at the airport.

Mr. Warren Eastland thinks the taxis being in short-term parking is wrong and unfair. But if you look at where we parked before Sept. 11 - right by the building - we also have been going through many changes at the airport. When Mr. Eastland needs a taxi in the rain and wind he will be glad we are as close to the building as we are. We were in long-term parking and it was pretty hard on our passengers who are disabled or had many bags and small children or just coming out of surgery from the hospital to walk from long-term parking to the main terminal.

The airport manager's office has been great in working with us to help us serve the people of Juneau and all our visitors and to make things as smooth as possible. I thank the airport manager for doing the best that they can do to help all of us through these hard times. We all need to work tougher and maybe we can find the right solutions for everyone.

Lynne Harris


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