No reason to own a gun

Posted: Sunday, February 24, 2002

I find the continuing debate over gun control baffling. It is more than a debate, it is a quarrel that is increasingly politicized beyond the point of safety and common sense.

Even in Alaska, perhaps the most gun-conscious of our 50 states, it just makes common sense that we don't need machine guns, mortars and bazookas to kill a deer or rabbit - nor even a grizzly or an elephant. We have too many "assault" weapons, period. Gun manufacturers are getting rich off the ignorance of the public, and through the misdirected propaganda of the NRA.

Yet mobsters and terrorist organizations buy and distribute weapons of murder and destruction in large numbers.

Actually, it makes no common sense to label gun control efforts as "liberal" or "conservative" or "radical" or "extreme." Such labels are politically motivated, bringing the question down to which side of the fence are you on?

I am on the side of the fence that supports life, safety, and common decency and respect for others. What political label shall we put on that?

It is obvious to anyone with eyes and a brain that guns are lethal and kill many innocent citizens in our land, including children, babies, mothers. To say that more deaths are caused by other means, such as car accidents, alcohol, or disease, simply begs the question and bypasses the main issue - safety and common sense.

We are a city-oriented society, no longer a hunting or agricultural society. So it does not make sense that I need a gun for personal safety. Or that I need a gun for subsistence hunting. Our excellent police force keeps me safe, and I get all the nutrition I need from the store. In fact, I cannot think of any reason to own a gun.

To own one simply as a "right to bear arms" is both expensive and wasteful - in short, another way to massage the male ego. It is like saying I need to live in a tent or teepee or cave in the wilderness, and do not need the benefits of modern civilization - obviously absurd.

Men and women need one another. To have and bear arms hints at mistrust and suspicion, and a willingness to shoot someone to prove a point. Too many of the wrong guns actually destroy society and tear down the structures that unite us as humans.

Some "pro" gunners may want to come shoot me because I so strongly disagree with what they say. But if that is the case, then they are no better than the Stalinists or the Nazis who hope to dominate others through fear and ignorance.

Or, maybe it is because they own stock in a company that manufactures weapons?

Don Adams

Auke Bay

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