Skagway: Snowed under: Tickets rile residents

Posted: Sunday, February 24, 2002

In a dramatic gesture at the City Council's Feb. 8 meeting, Mayor Tim Bourcy ripped up a facsimile of the parking ticket issued to his stepdaughter for parking that hindered snow removal.

Bourcy's stepdaughter, Ashley Law, was given the ticket on Jan. 30. She was on her way to school when she saw Officer Ken Cox writing out the ticket. She told him she couldn't move her car, and allegedly he said that it was too bad and she should move it. He then gave her the ticket.

It was only one of 38 tickets given out that day by the Skagway Police Department after 5 1/2 inches of snow fell. Sixty-seven warnings were issued and 12 letters were sent to certified owners about their vehicles hindering snow removal.

Interviewed the next day, Bourcy said he had decided to fight the ticket and take his stepdaughter to court to show her how the legal system worked. He arrived at Skagway District Court at the time on the notice and found the magistrate's office closed for the month and no police officers in the court. He was not happy.

Sgt. Brent Moody, acting chief while Police Chief Dennis Spurrier was away, was in the audience at the Council meeting. The next day, Moody said he was disappointed by Bourcy's action and concerned about Cox's.

At the meeting, Council member Mike Korsmo said he had reports from people that officers' approaches were "fairly aggressive."

"If there is so much time on their hands, maybe they can go door-to-door," Korsmo said. "This is not a high crime area. We need a better plan (for snow removal times) and a better attitude."

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