Who's threatened by Saddam?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, February 24, 2003

Seems that Mr. Bush, and all the kings men, are dying to go to war.

Course, they're never the ones who actually die in war - sons of the rich rarely die in a ditch with rifle in hand. It's the sons and daughters of working-class families whose names fill the cemeteries, the one sure profit of war.

Our armchair warriors tell us that terrorism does not respect the lives of the innocent. I'm telling you that neither does war - state-sponsored terrorism. In most wars civilian deaths outnumber soldiers by 10-to-1, and I would argue that soldiers, on both sides are innocent, too. Young and the poor slaughtered for the power games of the old and the rich. That's how it's always been and the way it is today.

The truth is, Bush's so-called "reasons" for going to war don't stand up to reason.

How did he make the shift from bin-Laden to Saddam, who, according to the CIA, has no links with terrorist organizations. The 9/11 terrorists are from and sponsored by Saudi Arabians. Has anyone suggested attacking our "allies," the world's largest oil producer?

When Saddam attacked Iran, with U.S. supplied weapons, Iran kicked his butt. And after the U.S. and Kuwait lured Iraq into the Gulf War, the U.S. wiped out most of his army and air force. Who does he now pose a threat to?

Does Saddam possess nuclear weapons? Incredibly unlikely, and how would he deliver them halfway around the world to attack us? Meanwhile, in Pakistan, a general takes over a democratically elected government and threatens densely populated India, with real nuclear weapons - and this guy is our ally. Who poses the real threat here ?

Does Saddam have chemical weapons? Most likely, since the U.S. supplied him with the technology during his little Iran excursion. Again, how would he deliver them halfway around the world? Meanwhile, none of Iraq's neighbors seem too concerned.

Yes, Saddam's a monster who gassed and slaughtered many Kurds, but it didn't bother the U.S. when our allies the Turks did the same.

The list goes on, but the bottom line is, when they tell you, "it's not about oil" - it's about oil. The only thing Saddam really threatens is U.S. control of the world's second largest oil reserves. And this, my friends, is the prize for the innocent lives.

Not in my name, thank you.

Jim Demko


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