Whatever happened to common sense?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, February 24, 2003

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To reduce teen drinking, make everyone show I.D.

Dawn Miller's idea (Empire, Feb. 23) to require everyone to show ID to buy alcoholic beverages is silly.

I'm of an age where my skin doesn't fit too well anymore. My hair is slipping from my scalp into my ears and nostrils. I have way more beauty spots than I need. Any sales clerk who couldn't look at me and tell that the top of the hill is behind me wouldn't be able to make much sense of my ID either.

The whole "check everyone" routine is a PC sop to folks with all their teeth who dislike being singled out for ID checks and to clerks who are uncomfortable pointing out to some people that "Hey, you look really young - maybe too young!"I'm assuming that for Ms. Miller's idea to work, anyone who doesn't produce ID is denied a purchase. In other words, even though the clerk and I both know that I've been legal for longer than the clerk's been alive; even though a random poll of passersby suggests - unanimously - that I'm legal; I'm outta there empty-handed if I don't produce ID.

Whatever happened to common sense? People who could be taken or mistaken for "less than 21" share a number of characteristics that many of us can only dimly remember. Carding obviously old-enough people is an affront to the dignity of your elders.

Yes, Ms. Miller, it is too much to ask.

Paul Wescott


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