Wearable-art show was vulgar

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, February 24, 2005

On Saturday evening we attended the Juneau Arts & Humanities sponsored 5th Annual Wearable Art Fashion Show. We had looked forward to this evening, a chance to see innovative and creative fashions. Instead, we found parts of the show to be vulgar and in extremely poor taste. All of the designs were creative, but some certainly were not what children need to be exposed to. This show, we believe, when originally started was to give an opportunity for creative expression with good taste and fun. The show was far from what was intended and was hardly life giving to children or families and exposed them to a seedier side of life.

We would hope that in the future a show can be presented where children, young people and adults can be challenged and encouraged in their fashion design creativity, with good clean fun.

The woman master of ceremonies who co-anchored the show was especially disappointing and disgusting with her participation in the over involvement of one of the creations worn.

The centerfold article in This Week, Feb. 17-23, and the picture in Sunday's Empire, Feb. 20, gave the impression that this "happening" is/was family (child) friendly, which it certainly was not. The pictures in Tuesday's Empire were truer to what the fashions were.

As a capital city we know our city is liberal; however, this show went way overboard and portrayed our city as one that has very poor taste, a taste for garbage. Is this what the council for arts and humanities wants for our capital city?

Deacon Gary and Mary Horton


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