State supervisors, prepare for a strike

Posted: Sunday, February 24, 2008

It has become increasingly apparent that the state of Alaska is refusing to budge from its recent wage offers to the state Supervisory union. These offers won't even keep up with the rate of inflation and will further erode our already dismal salaries.

I am becoming convinced we are headed toward a strike, so I am writing this letter to urge all state supervisors to plan ahead and start saving now.

Put off any discretionary spending and reduce your expenses to the bare minimum so you can cushion any economic impact to your family from a strike.

I realize that a strike will cause some short-term pain, but not nearly as bad as the long-term erosion of your salaries. I've talked with a number of state supervisors and the vast majority felt that we either make our stand here and walk out on strike together or else leave individually for better employment elsewhere.

John Carlile


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