Article doesn't show true face of Beck

Posted: Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Sunday Empire included an article in USA Weekend magazine that paints Glenn Beck as a family man who is fun to hang out with. It acknowledges that Beck compares our president to Hitler. Yet, in its full three pages, it fails to state the obvious. Beck is making millions a year with talk such as calling Obama a racist who hates white people.

The article doesn't mention that Beck's program was forced to run for six days without sponsorship in the United Kingdom. All companies had pulled their ads because the program is so hateful.

In addition, at least 80 companies such as Allstate and Volkswagen have pulled their ads in the United States, citing Beck's inflamed, prejudiced rhetoric as the reason. But many people still watch. An article such as the one on Sunday, normalizing a person who espouses hate, makes this worse.

Beck comments that he often regrets what he says on the air. It is clear that Fox News doesn't regret his ranting, though they may regret the loss of ad revenue. Fox is using events such as this article to make Beck seem more mainstream. But the fact remains: the Glenn Beck Show is exploiting the political and cultural divisions in this country to make money.

People who feel fear and anxiety about the current state of our nation watch the show and are pulled into the hateful rhetoric. We don't need this. We need heroes in our country, working to build rational consensus, not angry rabble rousers whose voice is amplified by a greedy media.

Carol Greenough


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