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Posted: Friday, February 25, 2000

Congratulations to the Mendenhall River school teachers and students. We love the monthly writing publication. Keep it up.

February is national spay/neuter month. Last year, the Gastineau Humane Society took in 1175 animal and 212 were put down because they were not enough homes. Currently, 12 dogs and 30 cats and kittens are looking for homes. Please help save lives, take the responsibility and spay or neuter your pets. If you need financial assistance, there are spay/neuter certificates to help with the cost.

Thanks for writing about Southeastbasketball players. It's good to read about local teams other than Juneau.

Please don't close Lamont's department store. Where will one shop for quality clothing if Lamont's pulls out? Juneau should consider combining both malls and putting in three anchor stores.

It looks like pro-road folks including Jamie Parsons want to hold improved ferry service hostage because they didn't get a road approved. They should think twice before hurting access to Juneau.

The only people that have the right to oppose ATV riding at Dredge Lake are the people who live in the direct area. Any one else who is against riding at Dredge lake is a discriminating kayaking/hiking or wanna-be environmentalist that can't ride ATV's anyway.

I'm alarmed about the rhetoric in this column about racism. I hope that the people in this town realize that the bigoted comments are not the opinion of most people in Juneau. Overall, things aren't that bad in this town.

My child goes to Dzantik'i Heeni. Last Friday in math and science class, the teachers showed their students the movie ``Inspector Gadget'' instead of teaching. Last fall, they watched the movie ``What About Bob'' during class. Is this really what middle school education has come to? Is this what teachers are hired to do? Is this what the school board has in mind for teachers to do?

Word of Mouth needs anew name. How about the Hall of Hate?

I am so upset about the mother and child who lost their lives at Fish Creek. She has proven the true worth of motherhood by giving her life while trying to save her child. My heart goes out to her family and to the other child who will be raised without a mother.

The Capital Transit accident could have been avoided if the city was out doing its job. How many more people in Juneau are going have to die before the city realizes that the roads have to be maintained even on holidays.

When people see someone crossing at a crosswalk that means they should stop and let that person cross the street. I've almost been hit twice during lunch hour on main street.

Many thanks to the John Engles and the other lovely folks who have been maintaining the ice and bringing food to the skaters at Twin Lakes. What community spirit!

Regarding ATV use at Dredge Lake, it is really pathetic to take from one user group and give to another group like the dog walkers, the cross country skiers and the joggers. They have several trails to use while ATV users don't. Dredge Lake is the ultimate riding spot.

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