Getting along fine without cowards

Posted: Monday, February 25, 2002

I hold in my hands my tiny, newborn baby son. What a joy it is to look upon him. I think of Daniel Pearl being denied this privilege; it disgusts me.

Justice is always carried out. There is only heaven, or hell, if you believe in it, but sooner or later, we're all going to be there.

The Bible, which I believe in, says that people in heaven will be able to see and speak to those in hell. I hope Daniel Pearl gives an accurate report to Mohammed Atta and his crew. I hope he fills them in that their malicious attacks on our country were futile.

Hopefully he's giving them current stock reports, telling them that the world is running just fine without them. I hope he tells them that all the other cowards like them are busily being rounded up like sheep. I hope that 10,000 generations of Pearls drop by from time to time to fill them in on how nicely humanity is progressing without all of them.

Casey Mapes


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