Liberals on watch

Posted: Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Stuart Thompson spews more liberal propaganda in his letter to the editor, commenting that attacking Iraq would be a war "by presidential discretion." The truth is that Congress passed the resolution last year giving its support to all of Bush's military action. If all the Democrats in the Senate oppose the war like is claimed, they should pass a law condemning President Bush and revoking authority to attack Saddam. If Bush attacks, he can be impeached and we can throw him out of office.

However, the liberals do not do this because they know the war is going to a success and Bush is going to leave Iraq with about a 90 percent approval rating. Then, they can claim credit for it, just like they did with the tax cut and the economy. So, once again, the liberals are looking out for their own rear ends and not for the truth.

Jeremiah Crockroft


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