Ice rink safety

Posted: Tuesday, February 25, 2003

I would advise anybody who is considering using the new ice skating rink to think twice about it during the open skate. Saturday evening there was not a single ice rink employee out patrolling the ice, children were playing tag, purposely knocking people down, and the rink was so full you did not have three feet in front of you to maneuver.

My sister and her husband were knocked down, causing my sister to slam her head into the ice. Not a single rink employee went out to see if help was needed, even with a crowd of people surrounding her. I finally was able to get a nice lady who was cleaning the Zamboni to help. An ambulance was finally called by a nice man in the crowd, thank you. As she was taken away and we were leaving we noticed that there was still a very long line of people waiting to get into the rink, making me wonder how many people they really thought they could squeeze into that place before someone was hurt worse.

I was very disappointed that there was not crowd control, and patrolling employees actually out on the ice. The building surely has a maximum capacity. I'd love to see a limit on the amount of people they are willing to let in there at one time, a skate time for 18-year-olds and older, and definitely get some people out in the middle of the ice to keep people in line!

Cindy Ruby


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