Parental responsibility

Posted: Tuesday, February 25, 2003

I find it interesting that in an article quite obviously geared toward a problem with our kids, no where in Ms. Miller's article can one find the words "parent," "parental responsibility," or "parental accountability." I should be amazed but I'm not. This lack of "parenting" is the true problem both with those parents who fail to parent, and those who fail to hold those parents accountable. Mainly society!

It's a vicious cycle. But as a society, we are all too concerned with keeping families together. If we truly cared about our kids, as some of us do, we would hold those who endanger their kids by failing to parent, accountable. But we don't. We just create yet another "program" with a catchy name, a feel-good slogan or philosophy, get a grant, and say we'll try to teach those who don't want to learn how to parent, to parent. I guess it's the "nice" thing to do!

But Ms. Miller is correct. Alcohol is a factor interwoven into many problems that affect us all. Society does in fact encourage all kinds of questionable things. But a child's core, their value system, and morale fiber, are cultivated at home, with parent(s)! Not by society! The fix is simple and it's free. It's called keeping in touch with your children. Also known as communicating. Our kids my have other names for it but it happens to work! Do you know where your child is? Do you care? While we need more people like Ms. Miller who recognize there is a problem, this I contend, is where we need to start.

David Wrightson


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