Thank you

Posted: Wednesday, February 25, 2004

... for coming to our aid

It has been a busy three weeks since our house fire, and now that things have calmed down, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to a great many that came to our aid. First, to Capital City Fire and Rescue. We were so grateful for the care they took in preserving our possessions. Thank you to Chaplain Sam Dalin for offering comfort and support. Thank you, Jamey Young of the American Red Cross for looking after the fire crew with hot coffee on such a cold day and for securing lodging for our family. Much continued thanks to the great staff at the Aspen Hotel.

A special thank you to Lynda Mixson for her endless energy, love and emotional support. Thanks to all of her co-workers at the Division of Investments - Shawn, Becky, Beth, Vicki and all others who helped solicit meals for our family. And those generous donations from Vito & Nick's, Udder Culture, El Sombrero, Mr. Freer at The Broiler, The Hangar, Jovany's, Mi Casa, and Fernando's. Thanks also to Raintree Quilting for our favorite pizza.

Thanks to the generous spirit of my quilting buddies - Nellie, Sue, Connie, Becky, Toni, Clare, Beverly, Becky, Vicki and Martha. You touch my heart anyway, but I can't tell you how much it meant that you took such good care of our kids, too.

A most generous thank you to Mr. Stenson's most generous second-grade class at Riverbend Elementary for donating the proceeds from their baked potato sale to help us "fix our house."

Lastly, thank you to Rick and Pam Reed. We truly credit you for saving our home. Thank you, Pam, for your strength and for taking our children into the warmth of your arms and your home. (Polly thanks you, too!) We're forever grateful.

We know there are probably many more that have provided assistance that we don't even know about ... thank you.

Most sincerely,

Mike and Kim Patterson,

Kelly, Tessa, Heather and Olivia

... for working so hard to help find Taz

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank the community of Juneau for all their help in looking for our dog, Taz, a Jack Russell Terrier.

While we were out of town a few weeks back, he was staying with our daughter at Tamarack Trails condominiums. He got scared, bolted through an open door and was gone! Over the next several days, many people spent their spare time looking for him, putting up fliers, sending out e-mails and providing endless moral support to our family. Amazingly enough, after 10 days, he had made his way to the university's new outdoor pavilion. We found out later that he had been hanging out there for a couple of days and people had been trying to catch him with scraps of food. Finally, two University students, Angie and Rachel, were successful by luring him with some cookies and took him to the Humane Society who fed him, checked him out and contacted us. Other than having lost some weight and being very dirty and exhausted, he was fine. He's gaining his weight back and is doing great. Thank you again for all your help Juneau! We just wanted to let you know that this story has a happy ending!

Bob and Becky Baxter and family

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