Legislative roundup

Posted: Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bills introduced last week:

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• House Bill 140: Expands medical assistance eligibility for children.

• House Bill 141: Residential real estate appraiser regulation.

• House Bill 142: Education funding.

• House Bill 143: Appropriation for Access to Education Trust.

• House Bill 145: Changes laws regarding sex crimes involving minors.

• House Bill 147: Reduces matching funds required for tourism promotion.

• House Bill 148: Removes prescription drug coverage from Senior Care.

• House Bill 149: Pollutant discharge permits.

• House Bill 151: Public contract indemnity clauses.

• Senate Bill 85: Extends the termination date of State Medical Board.

• Senate Bill 86: Repeals minimum expenditure for instruction requirement for public schools.

• Senate Bill 87: Expands medical assistance eligibility for children.

• Senate Bill 88: Increases municipal property tax exemption for seniors.

• Senate Bill 89: Requires electronic monitoring of gang probationers.

• Senate Bill 90: Removes prescription drug coverage from Senior Care.

• Senate Bill 92: Requires limited license for ignition interlock users.

• Senate Bill 93: Requires a license to be called a professional counselor.

Recent bill actions:

• House Joint Resolution 8: Washington container tax, passed House.

• Senate Bill 46: Coastal Management Program, signed by governor.

• House Bill 121: Makes workers compensation records secret, passed Labor and Commerce.

• Senate Bill 69: Funds Civil Legal Services Fund, passed Judiciary.

• House Bill 69: Requires notification of pardons, signed by governor.

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