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Posted: Monday, February 26, 2001

As a student of JDHS, I am concerned with the ramifications of a qualifying exam. These tests do not create a smarter America, they merely create the illusion of a system who cares. The only beneficiaries of the tests are legislators who point their fingers and alleviate their own responsibility. Instead of creating a learning environment conducive to the failing students, they create a test to let the public know what everyone involved with the child can already see; that they are struggling.

The truth is that there is a very small percentage of people with the education to pass this test. Instead of teaching them basic life-skills classes which they will have actual use for, they are forcing them to take college preparation classes and tests that do not in any way help them out. High-school is in essence a jumping point into the real world; a world in which most people will have no reliance on their high-school education, although they need a diploma in order to get a halfway decent job.

Please do not misunderstand me as a person bitter at failing this test. I personally passed all three exams. However, I know many incredibly bright individuals who did not pass one or more of the tests. No one I am aware of who passed the tests received so much as a pat on the back and as far as I can tell no attempt has been made to further educate those who did not pass the tests. They set standards to a level which many people have not reached and when they fall short they are simply sent on their way in no better shape than before. My question to everyone involved with the test is, who is benefiting?

Ken Lowe


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