The pain of loss

Letters to the editor

Posted: Monday, February 26, 2001

The bad news our corporation released to the shareholders has been in the works for 30 years, loss after loss and still counting. We won't know the final true tally until the end of March. There is still more to ask before it is over. It will take years for this corporation to recover their loss. Actually the whole ANSCA act has been a total loss for a good number of Alaska Natives. As time happens many will pass on and never see anything from this act imposed on the shareholders. One thing the corporate beast is good at - dividing the people that belong to it, as in divide and conquer.

This beast will consume millions of board feet to keep it alive. Take away the food source and it will perish. Too bad we have to sacrifice the forest to keep this economic two-headed fork-tongued beast alive. The next 30 years will bring economic wealth to all it employees inside the corporation as it has the last 30 years of its life. This wounded beast might not recover from its self-inflicted loss unless the whole house is cleaned. We will see what the future brings to our economic woes. We as shareholders were never given anything from this social-engineered act. How can we lose something we never received in the first place? I will always be a thorn in the side of the beast till the bitter end. One free and wild Tlingit. Please don't tell me that these people are our leaders, for I will not follow.

Tim Ackerman


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