Bill speeds up buy-back process
A new bill would speed up the process for permit buy-backs in state fisheries.

Smoking ban is self-righteous
Imagine this scene on a bad night at a Juneau restaurant: A new prep cook doesn't know how to work the coffee machine. He overloads it and soon it explodes enough hot coffee to fill Lake Michigan into the dining area.

The state is not responsible for health
My opinion on the smoking ban is this: I don't understand why they are picking the smokers out the crowd. Drunk drivers cause a lot more deaths each year than a smoker could ever do, yet you don't see them getting stronger jail time when they kill someone with their car.

Mine Alternative B is safe, economical option
I urge the citizens of Southeast Alaska to voice their support of Alternative B of the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) of the Kensington Gold

Anti-Native taunting at JDHS isn't cute
I just heard about the racial issues going on in the Juneau-Douglas High School. All I have to say is wow, I can't believe that type of thing is still going on, especially in Juneau.

Focus on pedestrian safety, not dogs
After reading the editorial, "Are you a dog owner in denial?" (Feb. 22) I have to admire the ability of the writer to truly focus on non-safety issues. The stated concerns (stepping on doo, getting jumped on by friendly dogs and wildlife impacts) don't even rank on my scale of walking-related issues.

Consider alternatives before rejecting plans
I am responding to the recent letter to the editor from Andrea Doll concerning the new Waterfront Plan. Ms. Doll calls Mr. Madsen's four hotel buildings near the bridge "ugly" and "eyesores."

Mine proposal creates jobs, meets standards
Friends in Alaska, I have recently read a disturbing piece that was distributed by the Mineral Policy Center, an anti-mining group who has most recently teamed up with SEACC to issue a position paper which contains numerous inaccuracies. I would like to set the record straight.

Outsiders' opinion not worth a "plug nickel"
Why is it that the outsiders from the Lower 48 think that their opinions about Alaskan policies and government should mean doodah to us? If you people want to make a difference in Alaska, move up here, get a job and make a significant contribution to Alaska's economy.

Keep Taku, toss Murkowski
The other day I rode the M/V Taku from Petersburg to Juneau. I asked crew members, "what was wrong with the ship that the state was removing it from service?"

'Pachyderm' takes spelling bee
In the end, it was "pachyderm" that decided the Juneau School District's spelling bee Tuesday night at the Harborview Elementary library.

Always ready
A Coast Guard Maritime Safety and Security Team, out of San Pedro, Calif., lowers a person from a Jayhawk helicopter onto the Petersburg-based Coast Guard cutter Anacapa on Tuesday in the Juneau harbor during Unified Defense 04 training.

Police reported Tuesday that Kuhaneck was not transported to the state prison. Kuhaneck's ticket showed he was cited on a charge of driving while under the influence and that he admitted to taking prescription drugs.

Around Town
Today: Juneau Gastineau Rotary Club weekly meeting, 7 a.m., The Prospector Hotel. Details: 789-4354

Around Town
Today Day of Quilting, Sewing and Good Fellowship, 10 a.m. every Wednesday, Resurrection Lutheran Church. Quilts donated to Lutheran World Relief. Details: 586-2380.

UAS to offer math, marine biology degrees, more health programs
The University of Alaska Southeast can start dangling several newly offered degrees and certificates before prospective students.

Critics want greater say on Kensington
Some Juneau residents who attended a Tuesday meeting about the Kensington Mine worried they weren't given a proper opportunity to voice their concerns about the project.

High school students ask their teachers not to ignore racism
Native students at Juneau-Douglas High School, sharing their sometimes tearful stories, have asked the faculty to confront racism.

Commission asks for more work on city waterfront plan
Envisioning a great downtown waterfront may be easier than developing a waterfront plan.

Woman continues search for husband in Auke Bay
Adrienne Reynolds said she knows her husband is under the waters of Auke Bay.

Unloading gear
After unloading his Tanner crab gear, Capt. Kendall Folkert ties up the Cobra on Wednesday at the Don Statter Boat Harbor in Auke Bay, before heading to Sitka to longline for halibut.

Police & Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Artist forced to surrender art because he used eagle feathers
What Juneau artist Mark Horn considered a spiritual expression, federal authorities considered a possible crime.

Police & Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Alaska Digest
Students charged in anti-Native graffiti JUNEAU - Police said a misdemeanor charge has been filed against one boy and is pending against two others in connection with the painting of anti-Native graffiti outside Juneau-Douglas High School last week.

Juneau Digest
staff reports

Better not to fuss about diction - go for the croissants
Who can complain about a plane trip when the destination is France? Thankful for short legs, I settled in to enjoy the hospitality of British Airways. My son, Shane, fell into a state of semi-hibernation, taking little food or drink, never leaving his seat during the 10-hour flight to London.

Pets of the week
Serena is a very sweet young malemute-husky mix. She is a spayed female, just two years old. Blue has dense, plush fur that's the rich shade of gray called "blue." This 2-year-old, neutered male shorthair also has a delightful personality.

Juneau: A doctor's best memories
Although explorers, prospectors and missionaries generally top the lists of those who shaped Southeast Alaska into what it is today, a physician and an educator need to be given credit.

Ice walk
Glacier hikers wind their way up the Mendenhall last weekend with the requisite crampons, ice axes, helmets and packs.

A supportive spouse
George M. Irwin was born in Dayton, Ohio, according to his profile in the third volume of Ed Ferrell's valuable dictionary of Alaska-Yukon pioneers.

Thank you
... for coming to our aid.. for working so hard to help find Taz

AWARE to honor women of distinction at Centennial Hall
On Saturday, March 13, AWARE (Aiding Women in Abuse and Rape Emergencies) will hold its eighth annual Women of Distinction Dinner and Silent Auction at Centenni

Howard Robinson
Juneau resident Howard C. "Robbie" Robinson, 94, died Feb. 19, 2004, at Wildflower Court.

Sam 'Specks' Paul
Lifelong Juneau resident Sam "Specks" Paul, 87, died Feb. 23, 2004, in Juneau.

James Bronnee
Juneau resident James "Irish Jim" Bronnee, 60, died Feb. 23, 2004, in a hospice home in Flagstaff, Ariz., due to complications from cancer.

Bartlett's predictions come true
When the 55 "elected" delegates met in Fairbanks to frame Alaska's constitution, they predicted that someday outside interests would hold sway over Alaska's elected officials and resources. In anticipation, they built protective barriers into our constitution

Go with better instead of bigger on downtown waterfront
P roposed condominiums to be built over tidelands at the east end of the Douglas Bridge is one issue about which the city should have some real reservations.

Alaska Editorial: There's one UA tradition that should end
It has become tradition for the president of the University of Alaska to turn his annual state of the university talk before the Legislature into a pitch for enough money to get by. That's a tradition that needs to end.

Sports in Juneau
UPCOMING EVENTS Friday, Feb. 27 • Fight Night Boxing - Doors open at 7 p.m. and boxing starts at 8 p.m. at Centennial Hall.

Region V Standings
The Region V basketball standings through games of Feb. 22. Standings are for all three Region V classifications and were reported to the Juneau Empire by school officials and basketball coaches.

Gatt's nearly got it
Barring unforeseen problems on the trail, Hans Gatt will win a record third straight Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race sometime early this morning.

Heading to the Games
Tristan Knutson-Lombardo enjoyed his stripped-down Arctic Winter Games experience two years ago so much he's going again so he can get the full effect.

Gatt savors a record run
WHITEHORSE, Yukon Territory - After winning his record third straight Yukon Quest sled dog race, Hans Gatt says he probably won't be back next year.

Sports in Juneau
UPCOMING EVENTS Friday, Feb. 27 • Fight Night Boxing - Doors open at 7 p.m. and boxing starts at 8 p.m. at Centennial Hall.

Alaska Sportswriters High School Basketball Polls
Here are the Alaska Sportswriters High School Basketball Polls, as voted on by statewide sports reporters and compiled by the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

Juneau's Expo
Montreal Expos relief pitcher Chad Bentz of Juneau fields a grounder during spring training on Saturday. Bentz, who was born with a deformed right hand, catches and fields with his left hand.

Chief boys sweep Braves in two key Region V-3A games
Chief boys sweep Braves in two key Region V-3A games

Rockets get best of Yao-LeBron rivarly
HOUSTON - The future is bright for the rivalry between LeBron James and Yao Ming, the two most recent No. 1 draft picks. It just didn't add up to much of a compelling game Wednesday night.

Alaska Digest
staff and Wire reports

GOP kills effort to guarantee dividend
Republicans on Tuesday swatted down a Democrat plan to guarantee the Alaska Permanent Fund would continue to pay dividends to eligible Alaskans.

Legislation would force supervisors out of union
Gov. Frank Murkowski wants to eliminate union protection for several hundred state employees who work as supervisors or in personnel management.

Lincoln announces she won't run for re-election
State Sen. Georgianna Lincoln, a Democrat from Rampart who represents the largest Senate district in the United States, announced Wednesday that she will not seek re-election in November.

Resources committee backs beef labeling resolution
Meat eaters at the grocery store will soon be able to tell what country their beef is from under a federal law set to take effect in 2006, but Legislators wary of mad cow disease say that's not soon enough.

Study says jails incarcerate Alaska Natives the longest
ANCHORAGE - Alaska Natives spend more time in jail than other ethnic groups, according to a statewide study by the Alaska Judicial Council.

Ketchikan artists plan Native wax museum
KETCHIKAN - Ketchikan artists and retailers want to establish a Southeast Alaska Native wax museum north of Ketchikan to depict what life was like for the Haida, Tlingit and Tsimshian people hundreds of years ago.

This Day in History
In Alaska: • In 1899, the Arctic Brotherhood was organized in Skagway with the motto, "No Boundary Here."

MidAmerican: Negotiations could be done in March
One of the groups that has proposed building a natural gas pipeline to the Lower 48 estimates a draft contract will be forwarded to the Legislature before the end of this session.

Third straight victory
Hans Gatt, the 2004 Yukon Quest champion, speaks to the media after crossing the finish line in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada, in the early morning hours of Wednesday.

Bill speeds up buy-back process
A new bill would speed up the process for permit buy-backs in state fisheries.

Expert: Juneau better off with new capitol
Juneau would be better off with a new capitol instead of trying to renovate the existing building, an expert told the Capitol Planning Committee Wednesday.

This Day in History
In Alaska • In 1909, the first stamp mill in the Interior began operation near Fairbanks.

what's happening
Happening events in Juneau

O'Malley keeps her small town authenticity
If I were still living on North Douglas Highway, I wouldn't even be thinking about the fact that my old Christmas tree is still on the back deck. In Juneau, you always put your old Christmas tree on the back deck, and then, eventually, when things thaw out, you throw it in a ditch somewhere or put it behind the house, saying you will cut it up for firewood.

ANB hosts Native rap star Litefoot
Litefoot, a Cherokee and Chichimeca Indian rap artist and motion picture star, will appear in concert at 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 26, at the ANB Hall during the Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority's 3rd UNITY youth conference, Feb. 26-28.

Jazz pianist returns for 'A Winter Cabaret'
Fairbanks jazz pianist Barney McClure has hosted week-long jazz cabaret workshops all across the country, twice in Juneau in conjunction with Juneau Jazz & Classics. But he has no idea what to expect as he prepares to return to town for the festival's six-day winter cabaret, Sunday, Feb. 29-Friday, March 5.

The Swamp
Cartoon by Toe

From the Jitterbug to the Rope Hustle
Think about the old black-and-white reels you've seen of early lindy-hoppers in 1920s Harlem - arms dislocated, knees to the chin, comically overeager - flailing as if sped through the camera by a projectionist late for an appointment.

A place of gathering, a place of bundling
Sunday afternoon is out there, somewhere, trying to poke through the mid-February mist, and Juneau artist Diane Baxter is at one of her favorite places.

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