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Posted: Friday, February 26, 2010

Here are a few must-have applications for any iPhone user:

Nuance: Dragon Search.

Just speak what you need and Dragon Search reaches out to find it for you. This isn't just any search engine for the iPhone, it will search Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, YouTube and iTunes, all with a simple slide on the tool bar. It does a great job at translating your speech to text for the search. They also have an app called Dragon Dictation. Both are well designed and are free, for now. So download it today.

The app requires an IPhone and OS version 3.1 or better.

Jott Networks: Jott

Jott is a free app that works with Jott networks Inc. call-in service. For those of you who don't like transcribing this is a must have, saving time and money. Sign up for it with a free online Jott subscription. With your free subscription you can call Jott and it will transcribe your voice recording into a text or e-mail message that it will send to you or anyone in your contact list. With a paid subscription of only 3.95 a month, it will save right in your Outlook calendar or create an Outlook task.

It works like this:

Who do you want to Jott?

Outlook Task.

Outlook task. Is this correct?


Write article for the Juneau Empire. Got it?

Do you want a reminder?

Yes. (otherwise I would forget)

What day?


What time?

11 a.m.

Setting reminder for Feb. 23, 2010 at 11 a.m. Is this correct?


Now the task has been added to my Outlook tasks (to be done) and to my Calendar. Plus, as an added benefit, it will be texted to my iPhone to remind me.

The app for Jott makes all the above that much easier.

• Brian Naplachowski is circulation director for the Juneau Empire and loves his iPhone.

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