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Posted: Sunday, February 27, 2000

Money, money

It's not as lucrative as the Mackie Plan, but the I-R-S may have some money for Y-O-U. Some 7,800 Alaskans are owed up to a total of $9.5 million in tax refunds dating back to 1996. But you won't get it unless you file a tax return for that year by April 15. It's worth checking, 'cause it adds up to $1,217.94 each.

Job service?

We understand why the city health and social service staffers facing job loss seem a bit cynical about the prospect of moving onto one of the nonprofit groups that may take over the services. A city memo lists one of the possible new employers as the Gastineau Humane Society - which runs the animal shelter. We're sure they meant Gastineau Human Services - which runs the city jail and half-way house. It's a common typo, but one caller suggested substance abuse therapy for pets may not pay as well as that for humans.

Post visits Soldotna

The Washington Post journeyed to the Kenai Peninsula recently to get the lowdown on Alaska's take on the GOP primary and other political stuff. The result? An article titled ``Slightly to the Right of America, The Feds Built Alaska, but Forgetting That Is the State's Creed.'' And we can see why. One Republican Party official quoted railed on about ``that liberal George W. Bush and the coming economic apocalypse and life as a serf in America's frozen colony.''

Oh, rats!

Sports fans headed south to watch a demolition crew blow up the Kingdome next month might want to wear thick boots. Rodent experts predict a mass exodus of rats from the former home of Seattle sports. And it won't just be long-tailed, four-legged Seahawk and Mariner fans hitting the streets. Rats from Underground Seattle - the below-ground foundation for modern-day Pioneer Square - will panic when the Dome falls, said exterminator Dan Marlowe. ``They're just going to start coming out like crazy.''

Go, Fido, Go!

Got a premium pet? Or maybe just a primate-like companion? You might consider nominating them for The American Animal Awards. The awards (c/o )who-k nows-what as well as pet-friendly businesses and workplaces. Is there a place for legislators?

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