Silent majority happy

Posted: Wednesday, February 27, 2002

I was amazed to read the article written by Melanie Plenda last Friday regarding the return of the former police chief. I thought I picked up the Enquirer instead of the local Empire. It read like the reporter had bumped into Andy Capp late in the night at the pub and asked him what he thought of his last work place.

Ron Forneris does not live here anymore and he complained about Juneau most of the time he was here. I am not going to reduce myself to name calling like Ron.

I support Mr. Palmer's decision on hiring Chief Gummow back. Juneau is fortunate to have a person the caliber of Chief Gummow willing to return to Juneau. He is a fair and competent administrator. I only speak for myself. I think the silent majority are happy to have him back.

Carlos Cadiente

Auke Bay

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