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Posted: Wednesday, February 27, 2002

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In regard to the letter from Don Adams from Auke Bay on Sunday: Just because he prefers to give up his rights to own and possess a handgun or guns period is not my choice. What I want to ask him is when are we going to ban knives, axes and so forth? Just recently a journalist had his throat slit and he was beheaded somewhere else - are we going to ban knives and axes for this reason? Just because he is willing to be just another sheep in the flock doesn't mean I wish to be led around by a ring in my nose. Look to others for protection and you give up your rights. I don't prefer to give up my rights. What he wishes to do with his life is his choice and he shouldn't push that upon others.

Steve Kramp

In regard to the Juneau-Douglas High School students who placed first in the home design contest this year; though I am a little tardy in my response, I would like to applaud, applaud, applaud the JDHS teacher, Craig Mapes, and his student team who went to the National Homebuilders Association student chapter and placed first in the nation, designing a home for Habitat for Humanity to be built in Myrtle Beach S.C. All around, I think our teen-agers in Juneau are just an excellent group of young people. Again, kudos, kids, great job. Often when excellence is expected, it is often what you get.

Sharon Martin

Kudos and comments. First of all, thank you to Alan Kinsolving and his plan-before-we-pave My Turn last Friday. The idea of a bus parking lot on the only green area left on the downtown waterfront is absurd. Please let us keep the grass and open area that is Marine Park. Kudos to Becky Bear on her letter about the downtown parking problem, specifically close to JDHS. I have a suggestion for at least a temporary fix. Why can't CBJ move a couple of the boulders that surround the area where the Alaska Marine Highway building used to stand? It's a good-sized area that could accommodate some parking until spring comes and the area can be developed into a playing field. One more comment; on the front page of Sunday's Empire, it was quite the eye catcher for many male readers of the paper. Saturday was one of the most glorious blue-sky winter days that we ever see in Juneau. Eaglecrest was heavenly and so scenic. It seems like a breathtaking photo of this beautiful Juneau scene would have been a superior front-page photo.

Bonnie Robinson

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