Bush continues to go in the wrong direction

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The obscene budget proposed by President Bush is a truer portrait of our primitive leader and his priorities than we usually see. It's our decider revealed, like the hideous picture of Dorian Gray.

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Our war-obsessed leader is calling for more and more bombs to kill more and more people, with much less money to feed or house or cure or educate those born less fortunate, surely the antithesis of Jesus' teachings, which Bush professes to follow.

Right here, right now, we need to decide whether we aspire to be an empire bristling with guns and endlessly fighting to maintain power, or a decent people working with the human community to: immediately cooperate with others to curb global warming (nothing else will matter if we don't; help lead this insanely murderous world toward peace, which will begin with negotiation, not with attacking Iran; and elect fresh minds to replace Alaska's antiquated congressional delegation, both obstacles to the above.

Bush's wake of destruction will not be easy to reverse. He's even managed to substitute deceptive slogans for our long-held ideals, which encouraged us to be better than the fear-driven torturers and killers we've become. Sadly, we've been manipulated as easily and as disastrously as the good little Nazis of yesterday.

Elizabeth Annis


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