Weyhrauch, others should be ashamed

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I am the director of business development with Channel Construction, which subcontracted with Whitewater Engineering to work on a Forest Service project in 2005. I could take up all of the space you have detailing Whitewater's carelessness and total disregard for its employees.

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I applaud the Juneau Empire's efforts to keep the story of Whitewater's pardon by former-Gov. Frank Murkowski in the news. Gary Stone's family was at a minimum owed a simple notification of the pardon.

Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch and Robin Taylor should be ashamed of themselves for their role in this pardon. Murkowski should be ashamed as well. I am very disappointed in a man who ended a solid civil service career with a stunt such as that.

A former employee of Channel Construction works for Weyhrauch and knows very well the details of our troubles with Whitewater. I would imagine that in a small office such as Weyhrauch's, news like that would travel fairly quickly. Also, I would think that part of Weyhrauch's job of representing Whitewater is to be cognizant of outstanding cases.

I am certainly glad that Weyhrauch no longer represents my district in the Alaska Legislature. He has truly shown a lack of compassion for the people of this state by seeking this pardon.

Marcy Herman


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