Docks-harbors board did the right thing

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Let's clarify the issue discussed at Thursday night's Docks and Harbors meeting regarding cruise ship lightering fees. A request on behalf of one particular cruise line to lower the fees paid to the city of Juneau when a ship was at anchor for only a very short time (two to three hours) on approximately 18 days had transitioned into a proposed increase in fees for all companies using the city's lightering dock on 31 additional full days.

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Princess Cruises objected to its fees being raised to compensate for the discount that would be offered to another company. In the end, the Docks and Harbors Board did the right thing. Lightering fees will remain unchanged for all customers at the lightering float. The port maintenance fee discount that will be offered for short-term lightering will not affect fees paid by customers who anchor and use the facility on a full-day basis.

Kirby Day

Shore operations director,

Princess Cruises


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