Drivers should delay routes for late buses

Posted: Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What should have been a simple half-hour bus ride turned into a large source of aggravation for me recently.

Normally I ride the express bus to the Federal Building each afternoon. On a recent Monday, the express bus was roughly 15 minutes late, so I opted to take the Route 3 to town instead. Since it was snowy, I was fine with this short delay caused by riding the slower bus.

However, things would not be as simple as I'd hoped. The Route 3 goes out of service at the Nugget Mall and connects with a replacement at this 2:15 change over. The express bus does the same.

Imagine the surprised reactions on my bus when neither the express nor the Route 3 going into service at the mall waited for our bus to arrive. Had our bus been as delayed as the express I'd understand why they left, but we seemed to be within the 5-minute wait window. We literally saw a bus going into service leave us behind when both buses were at the traffic light at the Jordan Avenue and Glacier Avenue intersection adjacent to the mall.

The result of this action? An entire bus load of passengers was dumped off at the mall to wait a half-hour for a Route 4 bus to town. A group of passengers was made half an hour to 45 minutes late, depending on which bus they had originally intended to take.

Apparently Capital Transit, or at least the two bus drivers going into service at the Nugget Mall, won't delay a bus by a minute or two. It seems they'd rather abandon this city's workers, families and elders than delay one of two buses by mere minutes.

That doesn't sound like good transportation policy to me.

Laurinda Marcello


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