Thanks for stopping after our dog was hit by a vehicle

Posted: Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Recently, our beloved dog, Nesta, was hit by a vehicle on North Douglas Highway. In the moments that followed, there were many people who stopped to see if help was needed. There are four people in particular who went out of their way to show their kindness.

First, for stopping and taking the time to look for Nesta's home, I would like to thank the driver and passenger of the vehicle. It could not have been easy to ring my doorbell and say what you had to say. I never got your name, but I hope you know how much I appreciate your kindness.

Thank you Debrah C. for sitting with Nesta and trying to keep her warm before I could get there and for taking care of my children so that I could spend a few last moments with her. You are a complete stranger, yet you opened your heart to us like we had known you forever. For this, we will always be grateful.

Thank you Steve P. for turning around and driving Nesta to the animal hospital. Though I think we both knew she wouldn't make it very far, you so carefully loaded her up and stood patiently while I said goodbye. Again, you are a complete stranger to our family but you will forever be in our hearts.

Thanks also to all of our friends who in the days that have followed have been so very kind and loving.

Nesta was an absolutely amazing companion and we were very proud and lucky to have her in our lives. If you knew her, it was hard not to love her. She will be greatly missed.

Jessie Kovach andthe Kovach family


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