Men cited after shooting musk ox

Posted: Friday, February 27, 2009

ANCHORAGE - One Nome man has been cited and another charged with misdemeanor counts after each shot the wrong gender of musk ox.

Wildlife troopers say Roy Ashenfelter turned himself in after realizing he mistakenly shot a female musk ox when he had a permit only to shoot a bull musk ox.

Ashenfelter was cited Thursday on the permit violation.

Wildlife troopers say Steve Eckroate also notified them when he inadvertently shot a female musk ox when he had a permit for a bull only.

Troopers say Eckroate failed to salvage any of the animal and left the carcass in the field during the early January hunt northwest of Nome. The meat spoiled.

Eckroate is charged with wanton waste of a big game animal and taking a cow during a closed season.

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