Does Sealaska need a makeover?

Posted: Sunday, February 27, 2011

Perhaps Sealaska Corporation is in need of a makeover.

I am a shareholder from Sealaska. My fellow shareholders are good people. The good shareholders of Sealaska have not received acceptable ANCSA lands to date. The problem to the Sealaska land conveyance is the leadership of Sealaska itself.

When it comes to natural resources, society is tired of what Sealaska leadership represents. Look at the timber efforts environmentally. This is reflected in so much negative resistance to Sealaska’s land selection.

I am convinced the issues are not because of the people of Sealaska, nor are they the land selections themselves. Probably the time has come to purge the old directors who have made a living being directors. Success in our lands conveyance might lie in new, smarter directors who are environmentally courageous.

It may not be the medicine we like, but it is the medicine we need.

Even if you disagree, these are my observations respectfully as a Juneau-based shareholder.

Michael Lee Beasley


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