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Posted: Monday, February 28, 2000

I recall at a recent Rotary meeting that the Empire's editor stated that as long as she was editor that the Empire would publish Word of Mouth. Now that the editor has moved on, I suggest that this column does the same. It only serves to sell newspapers and divide our community in the nastiest of ways.

I took my grandchild to the animal shelter to obtain a cat and the lady there turned us down. I'm an Alaska Native with a very nice home in Juneau. She stated that we have a dog and could not possibly afford a cat.

It is true about Tlingit and Haida Central Council. Even if you know them, you have to suck up to them and pat them on the back to get any kind of help.

All you loving people out there, please don't forget the little animal friends down at the shelter who need homes.

It's laughable to proclaim that there will more disruptions to mental health services by transitioning clients from CBJ to nonprofits and the private sector. Changing professional staff and management problems have impacted continuity services not just recently but for the past 15 years.

I read the classified section yesterday and saw that the Mental Health Center is hiring clinicians and other positions. Is this how the city operates?

Regarding the person who called about kids watching movies at school, I thought this was way out of line. I'm a student and both the kids and teachers work really hard week in and week out, day and night with homework and school. I think it is OK for us to watch a movie every once in awhile.

When football teams begin to consistently lose games the owner does not dismantle the team, they fire the coach. Proper oversight of management of the city's Health and Services director could have addressed this problem much earlier in the game. Who dropped the ball?

It cracks me up that people are having a hard time about ATVs at Dredge Lake. What about the mine downtown? Isn't that a total wreck and people think it's cool. This whole town is built around development and change.

In regards to the person who said that the Capital Transit accident could have been avoided, that accident happened on a state road. Maybe they should talk to the state about the maintenance on that road.

Regarding the parent that is upset about the movies being shown in the classroom, I advise that parent to talk directly to the teacher and not be disrespectful of the educational system. Get the facts first.

About those abandoned cars, obviouslythe owners can not pay the $150 disposable fee. This really is a city problem. Soon, we'll see cars not only at Kmart but in the woods and channel. Why doesn't the city offer a way to dispose of unwanted vehicles the same way they do hazardous waste? Either by waiving the disposal fee for one day or offering some kind of barge space south?

To the 40 mental health workers losing their jobs, don't worry. There's plenty of jobs in the tour shops downtown.

Thank you to the person who took the time to call in regarding the rhetoric about racism in this column. The silence was beginning to feel oppressive. Juneau has a long way to go but at least we're on the road toward inclusion and nondiscriminatory relationships.

Thank for U.S. Forest Service for closing Dredge Lake to the ATV riders. It is so nice to have an area where we can go skiing and walk without that annoying sound.

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