Different natural resources

Posted: Friday, February 28, 2003

It may be true that the political appeal of the right is its all-consuming intensity, which disregards any spurious matters of inconsequence to the agenda it brings forth, but is that tunnel-focus on the matter of the moment the one that matters most to voters? The nation's security - its success in ferreting-out terrorists that threaten our lives at home and abroad - may be of considerable concern to many Americans, but is the confirmation of Miquel Estrada to the D.C. Circuit more important than domestic issues? Matters like the economy, joblessness and corporate corruption that currently confront our republic?

The persistent stonewalling by U.S. Senate Republicans to push forward what President Bush proclaims to be the most important issue to him right now ("Mr. Estrada's confirmation!") is also indicative of the Murkowski administration's obfuscating proposals to demote education to irrelevancy in his re-mapping of Alaska's "road to prosperity!"

Though I personally disagree with the Murkowski programs of oil exploration, mining and deforestation as a means to grow the Alaska economy, I do agree with his intent to develop our natural resources. Our children leave the state in droves once they attain the age of majority. Why aren't we cultivating that "natural resource?" Could it be we are failing to educate them to dream of Alaska's future and instead corrupting them to the easy fast-buck of an inner city flim-flam man?

John S. Sonin


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