MADD about MacKinnon

Posted: Friday, February 28, 2003

MADD's Juneau Board will miss Juneau's departing manager, John MacKinnon. Mr. MacKinnon worked with us on several projects, which could not have been possible without his support. The public bus DUI warning signs? We have John to thank for them. A DUI vehicle mobilization ordinance is being studied by the Assembly, again thanks to Mr. MacKinnon's direction. The law enforcement holiday saturation patrols had his support. A "Safe Drivers" project has been discussed between the CBJ manager, MADD and owners of liquor establishments and Metro taxi. This was created by Mr. MacKinnon out of the desire to get more drunk drivers off our roads.

John always took time out of his 80-plus hour work week to give local MADD projects his attention. Often his e-mails were written late at night or in the early dawn while most of the town slept. We are grateful to have had a manager who supports the prevention of drunk driving and underage drinking.

The MADD chapter looks forward to working with in-coming manager Donna Pierce because of her positive history of working for community safety. We feel our town is fortunate to have two hard-working, local leaders who actively support a healthy and safe Juneau.

Cindy Cashen

Executive Director


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