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Posted: Friday, February 28, 2003

...for your kindness.

On June 11, 2002, Marilyn Hillman underwent a successful heart transplant at the University of Washington Medical Center and on Sept. 21 was able to come back home to Alaska.

We truly are blessed people in more ways than one, having so many people out there that care so much for us, family being there for us, people visiting us in the hospital, keeping us in their thoughts, calling us while we were in the hospital, sent flowers, cards and most importantly, kept us in their prayers.

We want to thank all the people and the businesses for their generous contributions that went toward the fund-raiser that was set up for us. It definitely took the financial burden off of us.

Marilyn is doing fine adapting to her new heart and is able to do things that she has never done before.

"I am so grateful for having another chance at life and I am very appreciative to the many people that put themselves on a donor's list. What a commitment and what a difference you make," she said.

Thank you all.

Marilyn and John Hillman

...for the work.

We at the Juneau Co-op Preschool would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the following community businesses and people for making the annual Zip-A Dee-Doo-Dah Concert a huge success: Northern Lights Church for donating the space, and for being an ongoing and incredible supporter of the Juneau Co-op Preschool; Fred Meyers and Carrs for the wonderful gift certificates to purchase supplies; Superbear for their incredibly generous donation of food for the benefit dinner and ice cream social extravaganza; Pepsi Distributor and Hal Kulm for donating drinks; and Alaska Litho for donating the beautiful colored posters with the groovy cat you saw all over town.

We'd also like to thank all the pre-school parents, teachers and kids who made decorations and volunteered for the numerous jobs to make the concert possible: Carloyn Minor, Amy Bibb, John and Dawn Walsh, Kim Greinier, Katrina Mitchell, Anne Kurland, Judy Campbell, Alison Rail, Kris Brayton, Colleen Jardell, Chanda Kulm, Corrine Marks, Catherine Reardon, Laura Doogan, Liz and Jeff White, Rorie Watt, Julie Sinclair, Jen La Roe, Leah Sturgis, Nancy Lehnhart and Robbi Woltring.

Finally, nobody would have come had it not been for the fabulous entertainers, who gave the greatest donation of all: music, magic and a smile to take home. Thank you Dawn Pisel (Clarabella the Clown), Jeff Brown, Martha and Jim Stey, Teri Tibbett, Margie Hamburger, Anouk and Calder Otsea, David and Ethan Seid, Rorie Watt, Jasper MacNaughton, Judy Campell and son, Jan Neyenmeyer, Julie Sinclair, and a special thanks to Jan Neyenmeyer's high school art class for the backdrop. We hope everybody who came had fun.

Juneau Co-op Preschool

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