Thanks, Glenn Beck, for speaking out

Posted: Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thank you, Glenn Beck. Thank you for putting into words what we have known in our gut all along.

Thank you for asking the hard questions - our questions.

Thank you for not allowing political correctness to shut you up.

Thank you for exposing the very words and actions of our politicians so that we can all see and hear their perfected political speak. "Lie" may be a harsh indictment, but what else can you call it?

Fortunately for us - the regular folks - politicians talk so much that eventually their true aims are exposed. It behooves us to listen and watch carefully and not let them off the hook with their subterfuge. When you lose trust in your leaders, it is a sad day, and I am sure Glen Beck regrets having to report on the moral morass which is Washington, D.C.

Does he like to expose America in this fashion? I think not. The world is becoming disgusted with America and I can understand why. Those who want to take advantage of their position and power will resist the truth that makes them look bad. Position and power brings privilege and money.

Who can withstand the temptation without someone saying, "no, this is wrong?" Glenn Beck does just that.

By the way, why are lobbyists buying our legislators meals? This is wrong. Beck would be saying, "meet with lobbyists in your offices over a cup of coffee and if you are hungry, buy your own meal." Yes, buy your own meals and owe no man. Thank you, Rep. Mike Doogan for standing tall.

Kathleen Schmitz


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