Thanks for helping with the Community Arts Celebration

Posted: Sunday, February 28, 2010

Arts for Kids would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the sixth annual Community Arts Celebration on Feb. 6 at Thunder Mountain High School. The celebration was a great success and could not have happened without the enthusiasm and expertise of so many artists and volunteers.

Thank you to the following artists who hosted "make and take home project tables: elementary art specialists Nancy Lehnhart and Mimi Walker, Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School art teacher Miah Lager, Thunder Mountain High School art teachers Jan Neimeyer and Sara Conarro, Juneau-Douglas High School art teachers Tom Manning and Heather Ridgway, The Canvas artist MK MacNaughton, Alaska State Museum artists Lisa Golisek and Maegan Cieciel, Juneau-Douglas City Museum artist Alysia McLain, Raven's Tail eeavers Mary Lou King and Kay Parker, Tlingit & Haida artist Chelsee Chalmers, ceramic artists James and Matt Voelkers and Louise Kntz-Tadda, high school artists Kiernan Edwards, Dawson Walker, Shawna Elf, Kerry Barto and Brian O'Sullivan, and community artists Barb Greening, Lecia Kahklen, Gina Shirey-Potts, Jim Heumann, Jim Fowler, Barbara Craver, Sherri McDonald, Peggy and Elizabeth Wertheimer and Jane Stokes.

Thank you to the following artists who shared their artistic talents through demonstration and discussion: wood carver Dan Branch, silver carver Gene Chilton, iconographer Charles Rohrbacker, watercolor artist Brenda Stearns and portrait artist Arnie Weimer.

Numerous community members, both students and adults, volunteered at this event. We extend our thanks to the following individuals: Jan Carlile, Sue Sloss, Kim Naylor, Laura Gregovich, Linda Miller, Bill Handley, Sidney Browning, Marlena Sloss, Rubu Steedle, Anna Gregovich, Junnie Chup, Nicole Solanoy, Krista Thomson, Cassidy Davenport, Jean Cumlat, Rebecca Shockley, Jazmine Cuanzon, Melissa Axmann, Kim Cabrigas, Bekah Peterson, Auri Clark, Rebkah Badilla, Sierra Tagaban, Rosie Jones, Kiera Clark, Jordan Cooper, Joyce Cabrigas, Brandon Katzeek, Jay Zeller, Nichole Solany, Gus and Luc Browning.

Thanks to Jeff Brown for sharing his button making machine thus enabling Celebration participants to make Arts for Kids buttons!

Thanks to Heritage Coffee Co. for keeping our volunteers and artists on their toes with an endless supply of excellent coffee.

Thank you to the Douglas-Dornan Foundation for generously sponsoring the event thus making our efforts to raise money for high school senior scholarships so much easier.

And, to Rie and Juan Muñoz who gifted Muñoz art prints and books to financial supporters of our nonprofit, we thank you. Your support over the years has been generous and unwavering.

Lastly, thanks to all the loyal children in this community who came to the event bringing with them their enthusiasm and love of the arts. Your joy made hosting this event a complete pleasure.

Arts for Kids Board members: Suzanne Malter, Shelagh Sands, Colleen Jones, Susan Oshida, Dayna Focht, Beth Handley and Linda Frame


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