Kudos to motel employees quick thinking, actions

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, February 29, 2004

I have noticed in the articles in the paper about the cab driver stabbing the Super 8 was mentioned on many occasions. I thought this might be of interest.

We all hope that through our training and constant reminders that when an emergency situation arises, our employees will remember what they were trained to do. Carroll Kohler (AKA Butch), our head housekeeper and shuttle driver, should be commended for his quick thinking and actions as well as Katie Johnson, our front desk agent.

On Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2004 at approximately 8:30 p.m., Katie Johnson phoned that a cab driver had been stabbed and was in the lobby. The incident was a fare that the cab company received and the unknown person(s) were to be taken to the Super 8 Motel.

Once at the Super 8 parking lot, assailants stabbed the cab driver repeatedly. Afternoon clerk Katie had called the general manager, 911 and of course Butch - things she was trained to do. Going into action, Butch was immediately in the lobby, with gloves on and wet towels and cold compresses for the wounds. Medical assistance soon arrived and the cab driver was taken to the hospital.

After 812 hours of surgery this driver is very lucky to be alive. If it was not for the quick action of Katie's phone calls and Butch with his medical care, who knows what the end results would have been.

After the crime area was taped off and the police still at Super 8 for hours, Butch stayed on. The lobby was a bloody mess, something none of us should ever witness. Once again, Butch stays on to clean the lobby, maintain his composure and make sure guests and employees are safe and secure.

I am very proud to work with Butch, who is so kind, always helping others in need, and who would give "the shirt off his back."

Bonnie Glade

General Manager

Juneau Super 8 Motel

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