Cape Fox swap would spoil Berners Bay

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, February 29, 2004

It seems that the smelly Cape Fox land swap (which to my knowledge still has not had a public hearing in Southeast Alaska) just won't go away. It would make a lovely sweetheart deal, along with Kensington's newest plan, to use Slate Lake in the middle of this land for a dump for their tailings, which would of course kill the resident Dolly Varden population and poison the salmon run in the outlet stream.

Is anyone so naive as to believe that a company that has such a pollution record as they bring with them is going to ever restore a devastation like this? Or will they just declare bankruptcy and walk away from it?

A few boom years with an influx of workers from outside will saddle Juneau with more problems and needs for increased services than they will pay for.

Let Goldbelt develop a city at Cascade Point and clear-cut more forest, and we can all kiss Berners Bay goodbye for fishing, hunting, and a lovely accessible recreation area. Not to mention the richest commercial fishing in Lynn Canal.

Barbara D. Kalen


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