Thanks for supporting the build-a-bridge challenge on Feb. 23

Posted: Friday, February 29, 2008

We, members of the state of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities and the American Society of Civil Engineers, take great pride in extending our service to the community through mentoring.

I praise the efforts of Leslie Daugherty and Elmer Marx and thank them for their successful coordination of the Feb. 23 Engineer's Week "E-Week Build-a-Bridge Challenge at the Mendenhall Mall. The time they volunteered at the event is also greatly appreciated.

I especially want to say thank you to all the parents and children who attended and participated in the wooden truss bridge building fun.

Particularly, it gives me great pleasure to thank those individuals who enjoyed the event: Kelsey Walsh, Emily Lukshin, Molly Soden, Jonah Marx, Conner Marx, Hannah Marx, Ryan Marx, Ellie Knapp, Alain Soltys-Gray, Craig Walsh, Josh Rauwolf, Cory West, Kristy and Kaelin Tibbles, Britney Alarado, Rachel Erban, Isabel Sweet, Miles Caldwell, Jesus Velasco, Katherine Lukshin and Juliana Lukshin. Thank you.

Michael Lukshin


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