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Posted: Wednesday, March 01, 2000

Last Thursday, our teacher took our class to Eaglecrest. We had so much fun. For some of us, it was our first time. The teacher accidentally left his skis and boots at school near the front office and someone stole them. Whoever took them is a thief. Please, bring them back to the office at Riverbend School. Our teacher does not deserve this, he is very nice.

Voluntary cruise ship pollution plans? Let me see if I understand the industry's motives, if they pollute Alaska's waters and don't get caught - no problem. If they get caught, the state can not penalize the company or release the company's name. I wonder if this logic would apply to me robbing my neighborhood bank?

It's great to see all the support for the students involved with sports at the high school. But, what about the drama students and the music students and all the other activities that go on at JDHS?

Instead of the state department commissioners getting a jump in pay, why don't they take some money and give it to the disabled children waiting for services from the Department of Health and Social Services? Some of these kids have been on a waiting list for 10 years.

Is anyone circulating a recall petition for Tom Garret yet?

I was one of the chaperones for the Juneau students on the Kennicott coming back from Ketchikan. We received many compliments from the ferry personnel about the students' conduct. The children who were causing the problems were not under chaperone control. The caller should have got their facts right before saying something poorly about the Juneau students who were on that trip.

I was also on the Kennicott with the middle schoolers. I was very impressed with their behavior and the control that the chaperones had over the kids. I was equally impressed that the kids were so good that the ferry staff named a lunch after them, the ``Southeast Floyd Dryden/DZ Wrestler Special.''

I'm appalled that the Empire printed the picture of the removal of the body from Fish Creek. This accident was tragic and printing that picture shows a total disrespect for the family. Shame on you, Juneau Empire.

I applaud the Empire for having the guts to put a very tough picture on the front page with respect to the people who fell through the ice. If that picture saves one person, then it was worth its weight in gold.

Whatever the Empire's rationale was for printing the picture of the drowning victim, it did my family a great service. That picture was something the my 4-year-old could register as we talked about safety at the dinner table. Words might have not been enough.

Could someone explain why there was a secret meeting prior to the mental health cuts rather than letting the community have a say in this?

Regarding the closure of the CBJ Mental Health Center, every town and city needs a community mental health center. There is no other agency in this city that provides outpatient adult mental health services. The ramifications of this loss will be subtle at times and obvious in the summer when tourists are tripping over an actively psychotic person. CBJ and the assembly should be ashamed at not allowing the community to have some input in this decision.

Forty CBJ employees at the Community Mental Health Center recently found out that they were being laid off from their jobs by reading about it in the newspaper. Note to other CBJ employees, watch your backs.

Regarding the Pledge of Allegiance being said at school, if the Legislature had done some research they would have learned that the Pledge of Allegiance was begun to memorialize Columbus Day. It is politically incorrect to memorialize Columbus Day considering how Columbus treated Native people.

Regarding the public forum addressing the voluntary compliance of flightseeing aircraft, there were a lot of positive statements made at that meeting about how tourism supports Juneau. Why does the Empire only report the negative and slanderous comments of frustrated individuals?

This is a reminder to drivers to use your turn signal first before using your brakes.

How is special education working in America? It's not. Unqualified aides and special education teachers aren't addressing the disabilities with specialized techniques at all.

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