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Posted: Thursday, March 01, 2001

Adults tell us (children) that we are to be movers and the shakers, that we are responsible for the world of tomorrow. However, those same adults are making choices that affect our tomorrow, choices we are unable to make, and we may not agree with. How can I "move" or "shake" a world that is being destroyed?

I can't make choices for the state of Alaska, but senators and representatives can. That is why I am asking those senators to not allow the rich corporations of the United States to buy Alaska's oil. All of the oil in Alaska will not make up for the extreme waste that occurs every day in the United States.

Studies have proven that if all the people in the United States just drove 30 miles less for one year, we would have made up for all the oil we could possibly drill out of the Alaska Wildlife Refuge. For that 30 miles less, my children and my children's children would be able to live in a place in which they could proudly say, yes, here it is, still as clean and beautiful as it was when my mom and grandmother were children.

I do not want to live in a world where I am expected to deal with the consequences of our country's preventable disasters. Isn't our country supposed to be a democracy? When the citizens of the United States are controlled by large corporations, democracy is not working. There is no such thing as a perfect democracy, but I think that in a better democracy, people with the voice and the vote will think not just of their convenience, but of the consequences of their convenience.

Stephanie Joyce


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