Houston officer back on job

Posted: Monday, March 01, 2010

WASILLA - A police officer in the small Parks Highway city of Houston is back on the job.

Houston Police Sgt. Charlie Seidl was reinstated Thursday after a two-week paid suspension. Mayor Roger Purcell suspended Seidl after a couple of incidents that drew unflattering publicity to the community.

Seidl, saying he was acting on Purcell's orders, used a gun to euthanize eight animals at the city shelter. Purcell denies he ordered the animals killed with a gun.

Seidl also was quoted saying Purcell borrowed a police car for a business trip to Fairbanks and drove dangerously, using emergency lights to pass other vehicles.

The Houston City Council voted Feb. 8 to retain Seidl.

The Houston city clerk is reviewing an application seeking the recall of the mayor.

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