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Posted: Thursday, March 02, 2000

Thank you so much to the two men in the green pickup and the police offer who stopped when I was on the side of the road with a flat tire.

Why don't we put the ice skating rink in the Mendenhall Mall where the old JC Penney story used to be? It's a great central location, will draw a lot of people in and give back business to the mall. Then we won't have to worry about building a new space or a building permit.

If you see a person with an arm-full of packages or a handicapped person leaning against a door, do not push the door wide open. It is like having the rug pulled out from under them. First, let them know you are behind them and then ask them if you can help.

This message is for Bonnie Brae parents: Does your child have a new CD player and a bunch of compact discs? If they do, they came out of my truck so please talk to them about giving them back.

Regarding the fish and game subsistence issue, it's too bad we couldn't charge you guys $25 a fish for all the fish that die in that creek. We'd sure love to have that fish rather than see it in the creek going to waste.

In regards to the illegal salmon-netting verdict, a $25 fine sounds pretty cheap. I imagine that you'd pay more than that in the store for five sockeye salmon.

I feel sorry for the 10th graders who have to take this new test. When I was in middle school back in the '70s in Oregon, they threw in these little tests that we had to pass in order to graduate. Those tests had nothing to do with what we were learning in school.

It is good to read that the EPA is taking on more enforcement action in Alaska. The failure of state institutions to deal with problems like subsistence, monopolistic power and pollution would be totally disheartening if wise old Uncle Sam was not there to crack a few heads now and then.

Does anyone else out there think it is strange that the state is so willing to hand over all this control to the cruise industry? An industry that has no regard for our environment and no regard for us. All they care about is filling their pockets and I'm wondering if they're not filling someone else's pocket.

I didn't know whether to laugh or throw up when I read the quote from the Royal Caribbean spokesperson who said that the company is putting so much effort into the pollution issue. They're doing that because they were forced to, not of their own accord.

I attended the public forum for voluntary compliance and I truly got the feeling that the industry is making some efforts to work with the community. Sure, there is a lot of frustration on both sides but I'm encouraged with the progress and feel that we will come to some sort of solutions soon.

I can't stand it anymore. The city is getting out of the health care business but why are they still in the ski business? How come they support a ski resort where rich people get to go play but they won't help poor kids and people who can't help themselves.

To the person who thinks there are no yellow lines down the middle of our roadways, you would see the lines if DOT didn't apply sand to prevent cars from sliding off the roads. The lines are there under the sand.

How is special education working in America? It's not. Unqualified aides and special education teachers are not addressing the disabilities with the specialized techniques that are necessary.

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