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Posted: Friday, March 02, 2001

I am a concerned citizen, and what happens in this community really matters to me. The article in Monday's Empire about the drug ecstasy and the worries of school board members really got my attention.

When I read this article I was very disappointed at the inaccuracy of the material in the article. I don't condone the use of ecstasy or any other drug, I simply wish to state the facts. The active ingredient in ecstasy is MDMA. It was developed in 1912 in Germany. Until 1985 was used by marriage counselors to help solve relationship problems. The drug caused an open and truthful mindstate, which helped couples to say things to their partner which they normally couldn't talk about.

In the '80s it started to be used in the bar scene because it gave the body a euphoric feeling of peace. You say this drug is directly related to brain damage; I say prove it because I can show you proof that it has no long-term effects on the brain or the spine via medical research by several doctors

I also am appalled that anyone can blame the spread of STDS and teen pregnancy on a drug. I blame this on poor parenting. Police officer Culbreth is very misinformed when he says that ecstasy is taken at dance parties because it is warm inside and the heat enhances the effects of the drug. When using MDMA (ecstasy) the most common reason people are hurt from the drug is dehydration and overheating the body by dancing and not letting your body cool off and not drinking enough water. So please don't tell people that being in a hot place and being hot enhance the effects, or you might encourage people that you cannot deter from using the drug to do things that may harm them, and we all just want our kids to be as safe as they can.

Sean Sewill


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