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Posted: Friday, March 02, 2001

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Mayor Sally Smith should step down or apologize for saying senior citizens' sales tax exemptions represent a reward for having cheated death.

The city borough doesn't seem to have the ability to collect taxes due from certain enterprises that can afford to pay their officers in excess of $50,000 a year and have a questionable history of required payouts. But the mayor can verbally and financially abuse the seniors of the community to her heart's content. Is there still a recall procedure available as an answer to the objectionable actions of elected officials?

I believe the tax exemption for the senior citizens should stay in place on the condition that they are not allowed to vote on taxation issues for the state. If they're able to have this exemption it's not fair that they have the right to vote on other tax issues in the state for other people, especially younger people.

As a senior living on Social Security, I use the tax exemption in the manner in which it was meant to be used. It helps make it possible for me to remain in Juneau, which I helped build. If John MacKinnon has friends or acquaintances that he knows are abusing the privilege it is time he, as our trusted deputy mayor, came forward with the names of the offenders so that they can be stopped. Or is he as insensitive as our mayor when it comes to Juneau's seniors?

Assembly members who are voting to cut out the senior tax exemption should remember that on election day us seniors will remember you.

Who does the mayor think helped get Juneau to where it is today? Not the newborns. The seniors are the ones who helped build Juneau and I doubt any of them feel they've cheated death by getting older.

Why does the mayor think anyone is cheating death? We all will die. As an elderly person I don't feel that I'm being given anything. I have earned everything that I get. And I'm so disappointed in having such a ridiculous statement being made.

According to Mayor Sally Smith, anyone getting an exemption in the CBJ has been cheating death because they've been getting exemptions. So a senior citizen that has been getting exemptions since 1980 has cheated death 21 years. We're apparently supposed to die at age 65 and not file for any exemptions. So if they remove the exemptions I suppose it's OK that we can all live longer.

The borough which is collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars from the head tax so we don't have a money problem. If we have a money problem instead of picking on seniors let's get rid of the deal where people from out of town get a tax break when the shop in Juneau. The people that live out of Juneau should have to pay the same taxes as the people in Juneau. We should not have to be subsidizing people outside of the Juneau area.

There is something bizarre about Jamie Parsons and the assembly finance committee declaring that raising the sales tax over the years from 1 to 5 percent means that exemptions for seniors are costing the city hundreds of thousands more every year.

"Hamlet" at McPhetres Hall is a fantastic piece of theater. Theater in the Rough's production is absolutely riveting. The acting is great, the music is wonderful, the sword play is out of sight. Go see it.

If this is indeed a correct quote by our Mayor Sally Smith I am quite offended by her saying that seniors are rewarded for having cheating death.

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