A lesson to be learned

Posted: Sunday, March 02, 2003

I don't usually respond to editorials but the Feb. 25 editorial challenging recent letter writers begs a response.

It seems to me unfair that Mr. Smith tells people what he thinks I think and then uses what he thinks I think to disparage a letter writer he thinks is wrong. (Whew!) There may be times when I do agree with Mr. Smith, but I'd suggest he not assume too much and check with me before he so asserts.

Next, Mr. Smith notes that my newsletter "is frequently critical" of those with whom I disagree. My newsletter rule is simple: avoid questioning the motives or actions of those who may be on an opposite side of an issue.

After four years of weekly and bi-weekly newsletters I may have had some lapses, but I think I've done pretty well when it comes to being forthright on issues without being critical of those who disagree. Your readers can decide for themselves how well I've done by going to www.akdemocrats.com and following the prompts to my Web site where all of my newsletters are archived. If your readers wish, they also can call my office at 465-4947 to sign up for future issues of the newsletter.

Finally, one of the lessons I've learned from my years of editorial writing, four years on the Assembly, four years in the House and four years in the Senate is that it is possible to disagree with me without being a knave or a fool. I'm sure Mr. Smith also has learned that, though the tone of his editorial suggested otherwise.

Sen. Kim Elton


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