Racists need to take off blinders

Posted: Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I hear about the racism issue at JDHS and all I can say is I feel sorry for the ignorant children. Part of it is they don't understand.

Sometimes when a person doesn't understand, they come off as ignorant. Part of the blame is on the parents. If they are not teaching their children right from wrong, it's up to those kids to be smarter than their parents.

Racism is a form of ignorance. It's the need to separate one from another. By degrading a group of others, you therefore separate yourself. It's a self-importance issue. Those who feel the need to do this obviously have a few more issues inside than those who don't need to degrade others to give them status or a leg up on others. History proves it's those people who are right alongside their peers who feel the need to distinguish themselves from others in some form.

In reference to the student who wrote an essay about Natives always getting checks from the corporations and drinking all the time, if you don't understand something, before opening your mouth, find out the facts.

Let's clarify that. You think Natives get free money from the government? Okay Indian money 101. These are dividends from profits made from our companies. Want a dividend check? Buy stock in something (Microsoft, AT&T, Coca Cola). You too can receive money from a corporation.

It's hardly free money. It's profit-sharing. A long time ago we were given money as part of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) as compensation for our Land. We've invested this money to our advantage, the small amount of money given to establish these corporations is long gone. Every cent we are given is from investments. But hey, obviously if you're not getting a dividend other then the permanent fund dividend, you aren't exposed to this are you? If you'd like to inform yourself on this topic, see the Sealaska Corporation's video on this act and inform others of where this money originated and how it has been invested and proven to be profitable. Call. I'm sure they'll share.

As for the drinking issue, you should compare people for people, not just Natives. Because of your ignorance you can't see that it is a problem of all people, colors and creed. So take your blinders off and open your eyes and your mind.

We are all "people" of one community. High school is one of the most challenging times in one's life. People go to school to learn, not to become victims. If you feel the need to be negative towards people you should isolate yourself or find another alternative. Allow the children that are in the schools to learn, which is what they are there for, and not be tormented.

Raymond E. Paddock III


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