Listen to students about hours, new school

Posted: Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The whole idea of changing the time school starts should stop now. I have been around when kids vote whether or not the school board should or should not change the starting time for JDHS. Only one kid both times voted yes, change the times. Is that really what everyone wants, though?

First of all, no one likes driving home during rush hour. How about adding a couple hundred reckless drivers to that? Or what about sports and zero hours? If you really think that kids are going to wake up at seven to play basketball, you're wrong. Our performance would be much lower than after school. And with zero hours everyone would be waking up even earlier than they usually do to go to sports and zero hours. And everyone stresses families to have family time. How are we supposed to have family time and time to do homework?

Also: the new high school. Hasn't anyone seen JDHS lately? It's totally remodeled, and would we really have enough money to build a new high school? Everyone has different views when it comes to the new high school. Why don't you ask the students? We are old enough to make our own decisions now, and trust me, we have good ideas about this topic.

Don't our sports teams mean anything? Well, they mean a lot to us, I can tell you that. So seriously listen to the people who matter about the subject.

Sydney Akagi

Juneau-Douglas High School freshman

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