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Posted: Thursday, March 02, 2006

Breeze-In to expand to Lemon Creek

Local convenience store chain Breeze-In is killing two birds with one stone by opening a new shop in Lemon Creek.

Owner Al Ahlgren said his Douglas Island branch was short on storage space and his valley location was outgrowing its bakery. Ahlgren's solution is to build a new store in Lemon Creek modeled after the valley shop, including storage space and a bakery that can cook for all three Juneau locations.

The Lemon Creek shop will also have a retail floor and liquor department. Ahlgren said the shop will take advantage of the growing area that has seen several new businesses open and will be the future site of The Home Depot.

The Douglas location is set for expansion. Ahlgren initially wanted to include the storage space in the new Douglas store but the city allowed only 5,000 square feet for the remodel, he said. The Lemon Creek store will have 10,000 square feet, similar to the valley location.

Pastries made at the Lemon Creek bakery will be delivered to the other shops.

The store to be located on Concrete Way will be visible from Glacier Highway when it is completed this summer. Construction on the new Douglas store will begin after the Lemon Creek shop is finished, Ahlgren said.

Alaska Nepal expands floor space

Last spring when Raj Maskay opened his downtown apparel and gift shop, Alaska Nepal, he thought he wouldn't see any customers through the winter.

Instead, business was good enough to expand; Maskay knocked down a wall last month to open up more floor space for merchandise.

The shop offers handmade clothes, tapestries and other items from Nepal, as well as incense, compact discs and Alaska-themed gifts. The most popular items are the ladies' dresses, Maskay said.

Many of his winter customers have been visitors to Juneau or legislative staffers, Maskay said.

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