Alaska's publicity campaign

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, March 02, 2006

In late January, it was reported in the national press that Gov. Frank Murkowski wants to hire a public relations firm to work on improving Alaska's image. It seems that the rest of America views Alaska as the "Freeloading Frontier" with the "Bridges to Nowhere" being a prime example of national pork.

This is not an isolated case of Alaskan pork. There is also the current Stampede Road extension (which is opposed by the Denali Borough), the road to Juneau, the experimental Healy Clean coal power plant which cost millions to build and then millions to retro-fit, because it didn't work properly.

Instead of hiring a public relations firm to further deceive the national public, Frank should lead by example and promote fiscal, economic and environmental responsibility. Doing so would be financially responsible as it would cost the state nothing as opposed to funneling state dollars into a "National Deception Campaign."

Instead of promoting mindless growth and repeating the litany of mistakes of the Lower 48, Alaska state government should be promoting intelligent growth justified through cost-benefit, engineering and environmental analysis, as well as local input. It also should promote a higher quality of life for all Alaskans.

Leadership based on honesty and integrity as opposed to deception are qualities that we should insist upon in our next governor.

Bill Watkins

Denali Park

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