Kudos to Juneau Public Works

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, March 02, 2007

I was driving on Mendenhall Boulevard the other day, and I had to stop to let two snowplow drivers do their thing and then let me pass. During the time I was waiting, I watched three men outside their house and near the street, yelling and waving their fists at one of the woman snowplow operators because she had created a berm in front of their driveway.

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These men were giving her a hard time and being quite rude. I almost wondered if they were getting a little hostile. I reported it to Juneau Public Works because I was concerned for the snowplow driver.

I want Juneau's men and women snowplow drivers know that I greatly appreciate the job they are doing. They have done an excellent job this year keeping up with the snowfall we have had. The main arteries as well as the side arteries have been plowed around the clock. I personally really like not getting stuck in the snow!

I am amazed at people who get upset because of the snow berms in front of their driveway. How in the world do people expect the snowplows to not do this? Are people really that lazy nowadays that they cannot get out and shovel their driveways?

If people look at all the driveways, especially in the Mendenhall Valley, it would take them forever to plow the streets if they had to avoid creating snow berms. We certainly would not have the nicely plowed streets we have.

I know you don't hear enough positive feedback: So, good job, Public Works!

Lisa Idell-Sassi


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